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Le Mas Baux


trait rouge
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Estate of MAS BAUX

One of the best soils in the world, quintessence of the Mediterranean.
Just a stone’s throw from the Mediterranean, mid-way between Perpignan and Canet resort, along the antic VIA DOMITIA, (oldest vineyard of the Mediterranean countries) the Baux estate spreads out over 20 hectares, 12 of which are planted with vines in full production.

Type of soils.
high terraces dating back to the quaternary, round pebbles.
Climatic Conditions :
Mediterranean, dry and hot. Maximum sunlight: 300 days yearly, wind and little rain.

Cultivation methods :
Working the soil : listening to nature Cultivation: the land is tended to year-round, with frequent ploughing, manual weeding, grape selection before harvest...
Mastering low yields: production stands at 20 to 35 hectolitres per hectare, what amounts to less than a bottle per vine, a respectful handling of the vineyard, thus guaranteeing a natural product.

The harvest: Manual harvesting follows a close watch of the maturing process so that the grapes are picked at their optimum stage for the particular vintage. The fruit is collected in small boxes to ensure careful handling.

Rocks, sun, sea and wind… the Mediterranean.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Drink with moderation.

MAS BAUX - Voie des Coteaux - 66140 Canet-en-Roussillon - Tél. : 33 (0)468 802 504